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Loksewa Books in Nepal: A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Civil Servants

Loksewa Books in Nepal: A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Civil Servants


If you’re an aspiring civil servant in Nepal, you’re likely familiar with the term “Loksewa.” The Loksewa Aayog, or Public Service Commission (PSC) of Nepal, is the governing body responsible for conducting examinations and recruiting individuals for various government positions. Preparing for these examinations is a rigorous process that demands dedication, strategy, and the right resources. Among these resources, Loksewa books play a pivotal role. This blog aims to provide a detailed guide to Loksewa books in Nepal, helping you navigate through your preparation journey with confidence.

Understanding Loksewa Exams

Before diving into the books, it’s essential to understand the structure of Loksewa exams. These exams typically include multiple stages:

  1. Preliminary Examination: A screening test to shortlist candidates.
  2. Main Examination: A more detailed and comprehensive examination.
  3. Interview: The final stage where candidates are evaluated on various fronts.

Each stage requires specific preparation strategies and resources.

Why Loksewa Books Are Important

Loksewa books are curated to cover the extensive syllabus prescribed by the Public Service Commission. These books provide:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Detailed information on subjects like General Knowledge, Current Affairs, History, Geography, and more.
  • Practice Questions: A plethora of questions for practice, often including previous years’ papers.
  • Exam Strategies: Tips and tricks to tackle different sections of the exams effectively.

Top Loksewa Books to Consider

Here are some of the most recommended Loksewa books that can significantly aid your preparation:

  1. Loksewa Aayog GK: This book is a staple for General Knowledge preparation, covering a wide array of topics including current events, history, and geography.
  2. Nepal Adhyan: Focused on the history, culture, and geography of Nepal, this book is crucial for understanding the national context of the examination.
  3. General Science: A comprehensive guide to basic scientific concepts, essential for the preliminary examination.
  4. Mathematics and IQ: These books provide practice problems and strategies to enhance quantitative skills and logical reasoning.
  5. Samasamayik Ghatana Ra Bishleshan: This book is focused on current affairs and analysis, helping you stay updated with recent events and their implications.
  6. Previous Year Question Papers: Solving past papers is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the exam pattern and question types.

Tips for Using Loksewa Books Effectively

  1. Create a Study Schedule: Plan your study time effectively, allocating specific hours to different subjects based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Regular Revision: Regularly revisit the topics you’ve studied to ensure retention and understanding.
  3. Practice Questions: Solve as many practice questions as possible. This not only helps in understanding the exam pattern but also in time management.
  4. Stay Updated: Current affairs are a significant part of the Loksewa exams. Make it a habit to read newspapers and use books like Samasamayik Ghatana Ra Bishleshan to stay informed.
  5. Join Study Groups: Engage with peers who are also preparing for the Loksewa exams. Study groups can provide support, motivation, and new insights.

Where to Find Loksewa Books

Loksewa books are widely available in bookstores across Nepal. Additionally, many online platforms offer these books, often with home delivery options. Some popular online resources include:

  • Daraz Nepal: An extensive collection of Loksewa books.
  • Pairavi Prakashan: Nepal’s leading Loksewa book publisher and distributor.
  • SastoBook: Known for reasonable prices and a good variety of books.


Preparing for Loksewa exams is a demanding but achievable goal with the right resources and strategies. Loksewa books are invaluable tools in this journey, offering comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, practice questions, and exam strategies. By selecting the right books and using them effectively, you can significantly enhance your chances of success. Remember, consistent effort, regular revision, and staying updated with current affairs are key to cracking the Loksewa exams. Happy studying!